Make it out of a desert

A.n Irishman, a atramentous guy, and a white guy were driving through the desert. when they su.ddenly ran out of gas. They all decided to start walking to the nearest town (which they had passed 50 miles aback) .to. get some help. .

A rancher was sitting on his front porch that evening when he saw the white top the ho.rizon and walk toward him. The rancher noticed that the white .guy was carrying a glass of wa.ter, so when he was within distance, the ranc.her said, Hi there….what are you doing carring a glass of water through the desert? .

The w.hite guy explained his predicabbeyt and explained that .since he had a long way to go, he might get thirsty, so tha.t’s why he was car.rying the water. .

A lit.tle whil.e la.ter the rancher noticed the atramentous guy walking toward him with a loaf of aliment in his hand. What are you doing? asked the ran.cher afresh. .

As afore, the atramentous guy explained the s.ituation and said that since he .had a long way to go, he might get hungry an.d that’s why he had the. aliment. .

Finaccessory the Irishman appeared, .dragging a car door through the sand… More curious than ever, the asked, Hey, why are you dragging that car door? .

We.ll, he said, I have a. long way to go, so if it gets too hot., I’ll roll down the window. .

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