Big vs Small breasts

Big Bu.sted Women.
-can get. a taxi on the worst. days.
-have a neat place to .carry spare
-have consistently been the cente..r of the arts (art).
-make jog.gin.g a spectator sport.
-can ke.ep a magazine dry while laying in th.e tub.
-have .more negotiating power (with men .shorter than them).
-usuaccessory can fin.d leftover popcorn a.fter a movie.
-can alw.ays carry a lit.tle extra.
-consistently float. bigger.
-know where to look first for lost e.arring.s.
-.rarely .lack for a slow dance partner.
-have a place to set their .when sitting in an armless recliner.
Smal.l Busted Women.
-don′t cause a .traffic accide.nt every time they angle over in public.
-consistently look .younger.
-find that dribb..led food makes it to the napkin on their lap.
-can. consistently see their toes and shoes..
-can sle.ep. on their stomachs.
-have no trouble sliding behi.nd the wheel of .small cars.
-know that peopl.e can read the entire message on their. t-shirts.
-know that everything more than a ha..ndful is wasted. come late to a th.eater and not disrupt an entire alleyway.
-can take an aerobic class without running the of knocking. themselves out .

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